Xtra Capacity™

Extra-productivity in your hands!

HOW? The opportunity for teams to spend more time working and less time reloading with sufficient room for tools as well as materials.
WHY? A new generation of higher lift capacity models designed with reinforced boom and jib structures for maximum productivity across the full working area. Featuring new real-time envelope controls as well as new load and angle sensors for high stability enables you to perform a multitude of heavier tasks with a single machine.


  • SX-105 XC™ & SX-125 XC™

    SX-105 XC™ & SX-125 XC™

    Working Height*:
    SX-105 XC : 34 m (111 ft)
    SX-125 XC : 40.10 m (131 ft)
    Horizontal Reach**:
    24.38 m (80 ft)
    Lift capacity*** :
    300/454 kg (660/1000 lbs)**

  • SX-135 XC™

    SX-135 XC™

    Working Height*:
    43.15 m (141 ft)
    Horizontal Reach**:
    27.43 m (90 ft)
    Lift capacity*** :
    300/454 kg (660/1000 lbs)