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Roosendaal, The Netherlands (12th April 2017) – As the effects of more technology and emissions regulations continue to add to the cost-price of powered access equipment, Return on Investment (ROI) has been one of the biggest issues for a large number of European rental companies. While many are working hard to drive-up rental rates to achieve acceptable levels of ROI, others are finding that utilization often wins over rates — but with unsatisfactory results for most models. At APEX 2017, Genie will be showcasing its latest generation of machines, service solutions and safety accessories, all of which have been designed with its customers’ current and long-term future success in mind.

In the USA, this age-old battle of utilization versus rates was dealt with several years ago by independently reporting rates by model weekly. In Europe however, while the European Rental Association (ERA) continues to focus on processes to help companies reap the benefits of these calculations, it is still generally only large businesses that are able to measure ROI and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with any real precision. Nevertheless, for businesses both large and small, it is unanimously accepted that TOC and ROI are factors that have a strong impact on fleet owners’ and operators’ purchase decisions. And as Genie well knows, an equipment manufacturer can also have a significant influence on the bottom line for its rental customers’ businesses.

Backed by its unique legacy of just over 50 years pioneering the powered access industry, Genie has successively brought to market reliable, cost-effective solutions designed to supports is customers needs, add value to their business and help them anticipate on new trends and market demands.

At APEX 2017, this May Genie will be taking this approach a step further with, among other models, the European premiere of the new Xtra Capacity Genie® SX-135 XC, Z™-45 XC booms and more to come. It will also be showcasing its new generation of Genie hybrid Z™-60/37 FE and Genie all-electric Z™-33/18 articulating booms, as well as the Genie bi-energy GS™-3369 BE scissor lift. The Genie SX-135 XC™ is a stick boom with industry leading reach of 27.43 m (90 ft), and the Genie Z-60/37 FE is a fully hybrid articulating boom with excellent rough terrain capabilities.

Our Xtra Capacity, electric and hybrid products have all been specifically designed to add value to the end-user experience, increase customer ROI by expanding their utilization, as well as reducing TOC. We are confident that they combine the benefits that customers need to anticipate new challenges and look forward to the future with confidence,” says Adam Hailey, Director Product Management, Terex AWP.

Focusing on safety, Genie will be featuring its new generation of secondary operator protection with the new Lift Guard™ Contact Alarm and Fall Arrest Bar safety accessories. With aftermarket service and fleet maintenance in mind, the Genie Service Solutions (GSS) team will also be on hand to discuss how GSS offering can significantly reduce operating costs and increase machine utilization to increase return on investment (ROI).

But this is not all. As demand for economical and eco-friendly products increases across the access industry, visitors to the Genie booth will also be the first to discover the benefits and differences between its latest hybrid, all-electric and bi-energy models.

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