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Muscat, Oman (30th March 2017) – Operating as part of the Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces, the Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces Engineers (SAFE) are actively involved in the development of the country’s infrastructure, as well as a wide range of military construction projects. In a region where the climate and ground conditions add to the challenges of an already demanding task, as SAFE recently discovered, choosing the right machine for the job with the right advice and support makes all the difference.


Seeking a new telehandler to support its extensive fleet of skid steers, diggers, dumpers, graders, crushers and screening equipment, last year SAFE turned to Authorised Genie Distributor in Oman, Al Fairuz Contracting. In addition to adapting its heavy-duty needs, SAFE also required the machine to provide sufficient height and reach to assist in the installation of water tanks on the rooftops of housing up to at least four storeys high. The recommended solution: A Genie® GTH™-4018 high-reach, rough terrain telehandler with optional bucket and forklift attachments — backed by a comprehensive operator and maintenance training, warranty and service package.


An all-inclusive product, training and service package

Operating on jobsites in and around the capital, as well as on long missions in some of the most isolated areas of the county, the SAFE team relies on robust machines that are safe, stable and sufficiently versatile to adapt to a wide range of needs in an extremely hot and often challenging environment. “Provided at just the right price, complete with the training and after-market service that we were looking for, the Genie GTH-4018 telehandler is spot on with our specifications — including its special military camouflage livery,” says SAFE’s Equipment and Machinery representative.


He continues: “It has been in constant operation since it was delivered eight months ago and has performed without a hitch. However, should the need arise, we have every confidence in Al Fairuz to provide the skilled support we rely on as soon as we need it.”


What SAFE’s operators think
According to SAFE’s operators, “Although this was the first time we had had a Genie telehandler in our hands, we found the Genie GTH-4018 telehandler easy and smooth to operate. Comparatively speaking, added to its compact dimensions that we find make it easier to operate than other machines in this category, we were also particularly impressed by the machine’s transmission that provides just the right power/torque ratio to work at a safe yet efficient pace well-suited to heavy handling in rough terrain conditions.


Robust quality – high performance
Designed, rigorously tested and produced in Italy to the European design standards and Directives the Genie GTH-4018 model is one the largest of six Genie telehandler models. Offering a maximum lift height of 17.61 m (58 ft), a maximum forward reach of 13.36 m (43 ft 10 in) and a maximum lift capacity of 4,000 kg (8,817 lb), the machine is powered by a 75kW (100. hp) Stage IIIA compliant turbo diesel Perkins engine that delivers a maximum travel speed of 35km/h (22 mph). Designed for challenging jobs on difficult terrain, even when space is limited, this model combines a class-leading 3.8m (12 ft 5 in) outside turning radius with the narrowest overall machine width in its category



Photos and captions:

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C:\Users\Elaine\Desktop\Genie\PR Genie\PR GENIE 2017\GTH-4018 Sultans Armed Forces Engineers (SAFE) - Oman\IMG_9255.JPG


In Sultan of Oman’s Engineers’ equipment park:

Genie GTH-4018 telehandler with forklift attachment lifting water tank at full 13.36 m (43 ft 10 in) reach.


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In Sultan of Oman’s Engineer’s equipment park:

Genie GTH-4018 telehandler with forklift attachment lifting water tank, boom retracted, front stabilizers deployed.                      3/3

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