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GRANTHAM, UK (July 31st, 2014) – Earlier this year, close to Hamburg in northern Germany, Zeppelin Rental GmbH & Co. KG provided a Genie® S™-45 Trax self-propelled telescopic track boom lift to construction company Bernhard Becker GmbH & Co., to help build a railway flyover linking traffic on the B208 dual carriage way in Ratzeburg with the B207 road to Lübeck.


Working in very tough conditions including heavy rain and frost and snow, on deep sandy, uneven terrain with restricted access beneath the construction, the S-45 Trax boom lift was utilized for the lifting and placement of bearing pads, drainage components and the removal of the new concrete flyover’s initial wooden framework.


Among other features, the unique Genie Trax track drive system has a horizontal outreach of 11.18 m (36 ft 8 in) and the ability to lift loads up to 227 kg (500 lbs).The machine’s compact dimensions were key benefits that provided workers the solution they needed to adapt to a challenging environment and complete their task efficiently according to schedule.


Highly versatile, terrainable and manoeuvrable

Specially designed to adapt to rough, uneven ground, steep slopes and inclines, the S-45 Trax boom lift features the Genie Trax four-point oscillating axle track drive system. Enhancing traction for increased power and torque on soft muddy, sandy, snowy and water-soaked terrain and sensitive turf, as well as harder uneven gravel, rock, concrete or asphalt-based surfaces, this unique design proved crucial to the success of this particular application. Additionally, offering the drive and steer capabilities of a wheeled machine, the S-45 Trax boom lift is an excellent alternative to conventional “skid steer” designs.

Combining the benefits of a steer angle of 30 degrees, excellent range of motion and 360-degree turntable rotation this unit made it easier for the team to lift, carry and position components precisely where they were needed close up to the flyover’s foundations.


Satisfied customers

“As a construction company, when we build bridges we need machines that offer high terrainability and tough telescopic booms to handle heavy parts. In our industry, we push equipment to the limits. On this assignment, due to the tough conditions and railway traffic between Lüneburg and Lübeck in full operation on the tracks below, being able to count on an extremely reliable machine was crucial,” says Andre Weingarten, Site Manager for Bernhard Becker GmbH. “We are very satisfied with the service provided by Zeppelin Rental. Machines arrive on schedule with a good briefing. The railway flyover in Ratzeburg was the first time we used a Genie Trax boom lift model. The S-45 boom lift did such a great job that it really convinced us. We will certainly rent it again.“


High rates of rental

In addition to the many Genie machines that it already owns, when Zeppelin Rental purchased the new unit earlier last year, the company was one of the first rental businesses in Germany to own a S-45 Trax track boom lift. As Dirk Feyerabend, Head of Division Allied Equipment for Zeppelin Rental explains,The S-45 Trax boom lift is an extraordinarily versatile machine that has proved to be a worthwhile investment. Its Trax track drive design copes well with almost any surfaces. Additionally, since this particular track-mounted unit also drives and steers like a wheeled machine, it is suitable for a wide range of applications virtually anywhere, at any time of the year.”


About the Genie® S™-45 Trax self-propelled track boom lift

The Genie S-45 Trax track boom lift is one of four versatile Genie S-Series Trax track boom lifts specially designed for work in rough and steeply inclined conditions. Featuring the unique Genie Trax “four-point” oscillating axle drive system, all four models provide the benefits of increased terrainability, a gradeability up to 45 percent (24 degrees), with a tough, self-propelled telescopic boom and excellent manoeuvrability. Designed with four independent triangular rubber tracks that swivel independently up to 22 degrees, the Genie Trax track system is ideal for work on uneven terrain, soft mud, sand and snow as well as harder uneven gravel, rock, concrete or asphalt-based surfaces. Each 43 cm-wide (17 in), 120 cm- long (47 in) reinforced steel track is encased in rubber, which significantly reduces ground pressure to prevent leaving deep track marks on sensitive surfaces. Drive speeds are up to 4 km/hour (2.5 mph).





About Zeppelin Rental GmbH & Co. KG:

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